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Codex Beauty Labs

Bia Skin Superfood

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The Bia Skin Superfood treatment delights the face, hands and body to a medley of hydrating, smoothing, softening and soothing ingredients, specially designed to relieve dry, flaky or irritated skin.

Rich and restorative, this formula encourages moisture retention with the Codex Beauty Lab's potent and patented BiaComplex, which re-introduces lacklustre skin to moisture while encouraging a more even skin tone. Paired with a pleasantly herbaceous and calming scent, this ‘superfood’ feeds skin with health-boosting comfrey, deliciously soothing marshmallow and hydrating heartsease and immortelle.

During clinical trials, 100% of participants agreed their skin felt more moisturised and nourished, while 97% agreed skin was smoother and 93% agreed skin was softer!

Key Features:
Relieve dry, flaky or irritated skin.
For extra hydration on hands, face and body.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

Apply as needed with a gentle massaging motion. For daily use on all skin types.
Avoid direct contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear.
Before incorporating any new skin care product to your routine, Codex Beauty Labs always recommend patch-testing.