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Lucky Cloud

Hydrating Super Balm

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A super hydrating & restoring multi-purpose balm blended with calendula oil to help scarred, damaged and irritated skin. Perfect if you need an extra boost of moisturisation and for targeting key areas on the body such as heels, elbows, knees or post waxing! It makes a great gift for gardeners, hairdressers and for anyone with cracked, damaged skin who is after some pampering.

Key Features:
Targeted formula for moisturising anywhere on the body.
Sweet orange scent.
Multi-purpose balm for dry, scarrd, damaged or irritated skin.
Easily cleans and removes eyebrow make-up in one sweep
Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

Target dry patches or simply massage into any area for an intense moisture boost. Perfect for dry, damaged and cracked skin. Truly multi-purpose, this balm will become your best friend! Here are a few of our favourites: Rub a small amount of balm to the affected area to calm & cool irritated scalp. Sweet Almond Oil will even help to stimulate hair growth!
Gently apply a small amount of balm to your lashes for stronger, thicker and more luscious fluttering
Use as an intense under eye treatment at night-time.
Gently apply a small amount of balm to your lashes for stronger, thicker and more luscious fluttering.
The best treatment to cure too much sun and wind chapped skin! Simply apply liberally after sun exposure to keep skin hydrated and nourished.
Got the sniffles? Apply balm to your sore nose to help keep it soft, blow after blow.
Smooth into your neck and decolletage to promote healthy cell membranes and help keep wrinkles at bay.
Intense nail and cuticle treatment.
Dry and cracked elbows and heels? Apply balm nightly for soft and smooth skin! Pop your socks on.
Rub all over your legs post shaving or waxing to calm any irritations and for shiny, sexy legs
Eczema & dermatitis prone skin? Apply liberally at any time as needed